Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All about me: Fudge

All about me: Fudge

Hi, this is Fudge also known as Ava.  Here are some things about me.  I have a mom, dad, a brother named Owen, two cats Oscar and Fifi, and I have a guinea pig poppy. My brother has a Lizard  named Quincy.

Favorite food: Indian food
Favorite drink: hot cocoa 
Favorite singer(s): Adele, and Taylor Swift
Favorite band : The Killers, and green day
Favorite animal(s): guinea pigs, and cats
Favorite month: December because it's by birthday month and Christmas.
Favorite thing to do: field hockey, climbing, gymnastics, and piano
Favorite movie(s): Opposite day, The secret world of Ariety, and The Princess diaries 

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  1. I love your nicknames! I also love that you girls get together to share something that you all enjoy. It makes me happy to watch and help you bake!