Tuesday, November 13, 2012


LCC goes to VFW

VFW is a place were Veterans go to hang out. VFW stands for Veterans Of Foreign Wars. They can go there to talk, drink, eat, and hang out. On Saturday they went there to eat cupcakes!

Saturday Fudge, Chocolate and I made two different kinds of cupcakes. We made vanilla cupcakes and RAINBOW cupcakes. We decided to keep the vanilla cupcakes and give away the rainbow cupcakes.  After the cupcakes were baked, we decorated them, tasted them, packaged them, and drove them to VFW. 

At VFW the Veterans that were there were really happy. I really hope they enjoyed their cupcakes. 

Back home we tasted our vanilla cupcakes. They tasted wonderful. 

The vanilla cupcakes (we dyed them pink).

The rainbow cupcake batter.

Rainbow cupcakes after decorating

Ready to go!
I really enjoyed going to VFW and making Veterans happy. 


  1. Oh great or should I say yummy :3
    I never baked anything but it's looking wonderful!
    Go Girl Go , :)


  2. I'll bet the Vets there were thrilled to get the cupcakes but most of all, I'll bet they were proud that you three took the time and effort to remember their sacrifices for us. Though your cupcakes were rainbow, my guess is that they were mostly Red , White, and Blue.
    Good job girls.