Friday, November 30, 2012

All about me: Strawberry

All about me: Strawberry

This is an all about me page so you can get to know me!

Cupcake related stuff:

Favorite cupcake: Vanilla 
Favorite cupcake frosting flavorChocolate

None cupcake related stuff:

Favorite movieWreck It Ralph 
Favorite singer: Taylor Swift
Three of my favorite songs by Taylor:

I knew you were trouble (Red), Christmas must be something more (Taylor Swift holiday collection), and Change (Fearless).

Favorite season: winter
Favorite food: cheese ravioli 
Favorite animal(s)Dolphins and dogs
Favorite color: dark purple
Favorite book series: The Books Of Elsewhere

Things I like to do:

Plan LCC meetings, Play piano, Rock climb, draw, Watch movies,
Work on my two blogs, Play with my dogs, and swim.

Favorite holiday: Christmas

My pets:
Jake + Daphne (dogs), Henri (beta fish) Taylor + Ralph (frogs) 

I named Taylor and Ralph before I knew about Taylor Swift, and before I saw Wreck It Ralph. :p

Daphne: Small pug mix
Jake: large golden-doodle

Thanks for reading my all about me! Comment if you have any questions! :) 

Keep reading later on to hear Chocolate and Fudge's all about me!



  1. I think it was a great idea to introduce yourselves to your readers! The creative energy the fills the room every time you bake together is such a joy.

  2. Love this 'introduction' from all of you. See, I didn't know all these things about you even though I have read your Mom's blog for years. :) We haven't seen "Wreck It Ralph" We will have to check it out! We both love Taylor Swift too!