Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All about me: chocolate

All about me: Chocolate

Hi, my nickname is chocolate. I have a mom, dad,  brother named Caden, and a dog named Jackson.  I moved from CA to CT. 

Favorite singer: Taylor Swift
Favorite sport:  Horseback riding
Favorite instrument to play: Piano 
Favorite things to do: bake, and hang out with my friends, and designing fashion
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite book series: Harry Potter, The Winnie years, and the amazing days of Abby Hayes.
Favorite animal(s): Pandas, and dogs
Favorite food: Pasta 
Favorite movie(s): The amazing spider-man, clueless, the three musketeers 
Favorite month: December
Favorite songs: Mary's song (oh my my), Starlight, Who says, Come back be here

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  1. We are so very happy that your family moved here from CT!!!